Brass Blank Elbow Stepped/Stem Connector-Forged

Brass CZ122

We can supply these blanks machined with a range of different threads and configurations to your choice.

Please call us with your requirements, we will be pleased to quote you.

See attached Datasheet for sizing.

Brass Blank Elbow Stepped/Stem Connector-Forged

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Code Diameter 1 (mm) Diameter 2 (mm) Diameter 3 (mm) Length (mm) Length L1 (mm) POA Stock
BBS-58 12.206.30-19.50-Price on Application 0
BBS-59 14.308.40-21.10-Price on Application 0
BBS-60 16.009.80-22.60-Price on Application 0
BBS-61 17.5011.30-25.10-Price on Application 0
BBS-62 23.1014.40-28.20-Price on Application 0
BBS-63 26.2020.70-30.70-Price on Application 0
BBS-64 30.2025.50-33.00-Price on Application 0